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We have the dates for the 13th International Post Keynesian Conference in Kansas City, MO. Mark your calendars! The conference is September 15-18, 2016 at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Registration is now open!

Registration form and details available here.

2016 Call for Papers has been closed!


Keynotes will include presentations by Lord Robert Skidelsky, William Mitchell, Anwar Shaikh, and James Galbraith.

Conference themes will include:

  • The 70th and 20th Anniversaries of Bretton Woods
  • The Shoulders of Giants: contributions of our forefathers and foremothers
  • The Future of Post Keynesian Economics; Can Euroland Survive?
  • Tapering and the end of QE
  • Is secular stagnation the New Normal?
  • The dangerous fantasy of Growth through Austerity
  • The role of BRICS in the developing world
  • Has China offered a New Economic Model?
  • Modern Money Theory, Functional Finance, and Job Guarantee/ELR


The conference schedule as well as a list of panels is available here.

Conference Papers

Some papers being presented at the conference have been provided in advance. You can view them here.

T-Shirt  design competition 

This year you have a chance to see your very own design on conference t-shirts. The winner of the competition will get a free t-shirt and the satisfaction of seeing conference goers walking around wearing their design. The deadline for T-shirt  design submissions is August 15. EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO [email protected]

Sample of Recently Accepted Papers

Philip Harvey – “H.R. 1000: The Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act

Jorge Uxó & Ignacio Álvarez  – “Ending Fiscal Austerity in Spain: Justification, Economic Feasibility and Compatibility with the European Fiscal Compact

Gary Mongiovi –  “Pasinetti and the Cambridge Keynesians

Eugenia Correa, Claudia Maya, & Alicia Girón – “Main Trends in Financial Markets Post-crisis

Shann Turnbull – “Financial Stability Policy Options

Özgür Orhangazi & Gökçer Özgür – “Capital Flows, Finance-Led Growth and Financial Fragility in the Age of Global Liquidity and Quantitative Easing: The Case of Turkey in the 2000s

Alan Nasser – “Economic Possibilities For Our Children: The Decline of Net Investment, the Emergence of Consumption-Driven Capitalism and the End of Scarcity

Paul Davidson – “Keynes’ Serious Monetary Theory Can Explain the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8 and Why Free Trade Agreements such as NATA are not in the USA’s Best Interests in Promoting Full Employment Prosperity

Hendrik Van den Berg – “Employment of Last Resort (ELR) vs. Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI): Which Will Lead to Greater Equality, Social Peace, and Sustainability?

Michalis Nikiforos – “A Nonbehavioral Theory of Saving

This year’s conference is sponsored by

  • the JPKE
  • the Levy Economics Institute Of Bard College
  • the Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity
  • the UMKC Economics Club and Department of Economics.